FO shares details of Pakistanis returning home after Covid-19 outbreak.

ISLAMABAD -- The Foreign Office's Crisis Management Cell said on Saturday a total of 1,098 Pakistanis have flown back home from different countries in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, media reported.

Of the total returnees, 101 citizens returned to their homeland from the United Arab Emirates on March 24, while another 40 citizens flew back from Qatar via a private airline's flight on the same day.

170 Pakistanis arrived from Thailand on March 28.

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) special flight brought back 194 Pakistanis from Turkey on April 3, whereas another 131 Pakistanis arrived from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan on April 6.

136 citizens flew back from Iraq on April 8 and 126 from Azerbaijan on April 11. Another 200 Pakistanis arrived from Malaysia on the same date.

On April 10, Prime Minister...

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