Flashy photos of official vehicles provoke ire of Punjab's bureaucracy.

LAHORE -- Following a recent surge in government officers showcasing their official vehicles and posting on-duty images on social media sites, especially X (formerly Twitter), the Punjab government has issued another stern directive, warning all young officers against sharing their personal opinions or statements on any social media platform.

In a letter issued to all grade 17 officers in the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) and Provincial Management Service (PMS), the Punjab government has cautioned that officers misusing social media platforms will face strict disciplinary actions.

It emphasised that these young officers, working in various roles in the field and the secretariat, represent the provincial government's image.

The directive came after a recent notable incident when an assistant commissioner from a central Punjab district posted a photo on X of his newly acquired official Hilux Revo, highlighting its flashy headlights and emergency lights. The accompanying caption read: 'Received official vehicle today. Grateful'.

All grade 17 PAS, PMS officers warned against flaunting privileges on social media platform

The post prompted an immediate backlash, as it was perceived as a civil servant flaunting luxuries obtained on taxpayer money. The officer later deleted the post.

Similarly, several other assistant commissioners have also been observed posting pictures from routine duty visits that seemed to flaunt their privileges. Some images...

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