FBR to audit smuggled vehicles' auctions of Pakistan.

The Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) on Monday while deciding a suo-moto case against the 'irregularities' of the Federal Board of Revenue's field formations in seizing smuggled (non-custom paid) vehicles, determining their value and conducting an auction.

FTO has directed the tax department to conduct a detailed audit of auctions conducted in the last three years.

The Directorate General of Internal Audit (Customs) has been directed to carry out a detailed audit of auctions to identify weaknesses in the rules and procedures, and make recommendations in accordance to improve laws, control and compliance.

According to details, the FTO in its investigation on the matter found that the customs' collectorates, while seizing the NCP vehicles, did not nominate or apprehend even a single unlawful owner or culprit.

'Criminal proceedings...

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