Fawad Claims PML-N Will Begin Speaking Against Army In Next Few Days.

ISLAMABAD -- PTI leadere Fawad Chaudhry alleged on Sunday that PML-N 'had begun to speak against the judiciary, and over the next few days, it will begin speaking against the army too.'

He further alleged the PML-N 'feels it has made a big mistake by aligning itself with the establishment against Imran Khan' and now the party's vice- president Maryam Nawaz will 'seek to push an anti-establishment narrative'. 'The flaw in this scheme is that the people are no longer those of the 1990s and the competition is with Imran Khan,' Chaudhry said. The PML-N leader chalked up the institutions being 'stuck in a vortex' to the mistakes of their leaders. 'Had they stayed within their limits this would not have happened, but...

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