Famous Lotus Lake at Shakarparian looses beauty.


ISLAMABAD -- Surrounded by lush green trees, covered with lotus plants and flowers, the Lotus Lake, at the Shakarparian, used to captivate the visitors for its serene magic, is now giving a pathetic look and a house of wild growth and rubble dump.

Developed in 1970, the Lotus Lake that was once a small pool with lotus flowers surrounded by walkways and flowering trees is now converted into a barren palace.

Seeing flowers and fauna surrounding of Lotus Lake was always a pleasant experience, but not now, as the site has been neglected since long has lost the natural beauty.

The people who used to come here regularly to enjoy the lake view with amazing greenery are now welcome by heavy bushes and piles of mud.

It was observed that one side of the park is fully occupied by heavy bushes that have probably not been trimmed for quite a...

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