Experts term National Action Plan prerequisite to promote forests, landscapes.

PESHAWAR -- Speakers at a workshop termed devising a National Action Plan as prerequisite to protect and rehabilitate forests and landscapes saying through this strategy the impact of environmental changes could effectively be dealt with.

The two days workshop on consultation for preparation of a National Action Plan was organized here at the Pakistan Forest Institute for devising a strategy to minimize the impact of environmental changes on forests and landscapes.

The workshop was addressed by DG Pakistan Forest Institute Peshawar, Muhammad Akbar Khan, Inspector General of Forests and Climate Change Islamabad, Abdul Qadir Shah, Director Forests Research, Dr Anwar Ali, representative of the World Bank, Chris and environmental and forest experts.

DG Akbar Khan said with the assistance of Food Agriculture Organization, World Bank and stakeholders a National Action Plan was being formulated for the protection and rehabilitation of the forests and landscapes.

For the purpose, he said experts and stakeholders were being called in from all the provinces for consultations to prepare workable recommendations that would be sent to the government for approval.

Under these recommendations, DG Akbar...

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