Exhibition of paintings.

LAHORE -- Dr Ayesha Siddiqui's solo show of artworks will open at Shakir Ali Museum in the weeks ahead.

Ms Siddiqui told Dawn that she will display her most current work at the exhibition, which included 25 mixed media art pieces on canvas and paper. Her studio-based research visually analyses simple geometric patterns and their growth in Western and Pakistani art techniques, according to her.

Dr Siddiqui investigates the concepts of concealment and camouflage using a geometrically structured visual vocabulary composed of gestural layers of paint and painted grids, tiny squares, and rectangles. The paintings on show have been arranged to be indecipherable.

Dr Siddiqui, a notable young contemporary Pakistani painter, holds a doctorate in fine arts (studio practices) from the University of Punjab. She is also a gold medalist in MA fine arts from Punjab University and a gold medalist in master of computer sciences from The National College, Lahore, of the University of South Asia. She got six gold medals during her remarkable academic career.

Dr Siddiqui represented Pakistan at the...

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