November was a month of Summits and video conferencing amongst the regional organizations across the globe. Earlier this month, SCO Heads of State meeting was held and later at the end of the month SCO Heads of Government was held. Later in the mid of November on 13-15 November ASEAN Summit was held, later on 17 November Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) Summit was held. After these regional meetings, G-20 Summit was hosted on November 21-22 hosted by Saudi Arabia.

There is one commonality in all these summits, videoconferencing during COVID-19, China leading the multilateral forums at all the regional levels with a vision to create a shared destiny for the humanity and finally there is a strong urge to create economic and development cooperation amongst the countries to help humanity. Multilateralism is the new global world order since this allows nations to sit at the same tables as the highest powers hence the new coalitions of states emerging in the region are receiving the endorsements from states. There is a sense of willingness to peacefully coexist.

Through these multilateral forums and the coalitions will help develop strong regional engagement through a solid ground to beat all the hostilities and shun the unilateralism. All these summits are reflection that world is changing to the new and there is an end to the hegemonic designs of any state in the region or at the global scale. This is the order of the shared destiny and togetherness with supportive neighborhood policy. As we see a complete change in the White House, with Joe Biden and Kamal Harris winning the historic US Elections with visible margins, we have yet to see the policies of both President and Vice President Elect.

These Summits and their meeting outcomes become important in the post-Trump American foreign policy. Observers are witnessing the early signs of recovery with Biden focusing on transatlantic relations, role of US in Nato, belief on international treaties and laws, human rights, fight against autocracy, Two of the most important decision making organs of Shanghai Cooperation Organization had their annual Summits organized in first and last week of November.

First one was the Heads of States meeting held on 10th November under the Chairmanship of Russian Federation with final announcement of the Moscow Declaration. This was also the first time that the In this important meeting, SCO leaders adopted the action plan for 20212025 to implement the...

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