Dubai customs discusses bilateral trade cooperation with Beninese CG.


DUBAI -- Director General of Dubai Customs,Ahmed MahboobMusabih held a meeting with His Excellency Adamu Aba Bajnan, Consul General of Benin in Dubai. The two discussed means of boosting cooperation between Benin and Dubai especially in bilateral trade and customs. 'It's very important for us to boost ties of partnership with Beninese diplomatic missions and businesses. We have priorities which include delivering a leading customs expertise to the world' said Musabih. 'Benin is an important trade partner to Dubai. The total value of mutual non-oil trade in 2018 was AED 1.5 billion. Imports had the lion's share with AED 925 million, followed by re-exports with AED 501 million and exports with AED 77 million.'

In the first half of 2019, mutual trade made AED 1.12 billion. Imports accounted for AED 756 billion, imports hit AED 756 million, exports generated AED 49 million and re-exports yielded AED 311 million. Gold...

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