Driving in Lahore.

AS a young driver who has recently cleared the rudimental left-corner turn and reverse driving licence test, I feel I have been thrown in at the deep end while I negotiate the horror that is generally called Lahore traffic.

Motorcyclists, rickshaw and car drivers, who insist on driving into on-coming traffic, have become the bane of my existence. There are two types of motorcyclists in Lahore. There are those who are on a relaxed, lazy drive as if it is a stroll in the park, totally oblivious to everything around them, heading in a direction of their own desire. And then there are those who are on a death wish, possibly rushing to or from an emergency, with total disregard for laws and safety.

A terrifying variation common to both these categories has those who are taking their extended family, apparently including their neighbours' children, for an outing on the bike with no sign of helmet or protective gear. The slightest, unintentional touch could send dozens into a frightful spin.

Official data shows that Lahore had a record 6.6 million registered motor vehicles in December 2021, and there was an average increase of 0.3 million every year. It must be reaching almost seven million now. The number of vehicles on the roads has a horrible effect on...

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