DPO's salary ordered to be deducted over failure to submit report.

LODHRAN -- A civil judge has issued an order to deduct the salary of the Khanewal district police officer (DPO) over his failure to submit a report required by the court.

On Saturday, Jahanian civil court Magistrate Nadeem Asghar Nadeem issued a letter to the Khanewal district accounts officer to deduct half of the salary of the DPO over his failure to submit a required report.

As per the letter, a litigant, Rana Asghar Ali, had submitted an application to Thatha Sadiqabad police station that his vehicle was in the custody of the police in a case registered under Section 395 of the PPC, adding that he was supposed to get back its possession after the case was decided.

The police station moharrar also reported that the vehicle/case property was not...

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