DOAM gets rare collection of Buddhist sculptures.


ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad Museum-DOAM (Fedaral Department of Archaeology and Museums) has received rare and remarkable collection of Buddhist stone sculptures. The statue of "Maha Ummagga Jataka" excavated in the district of Mardan, site of Tarali located near Sawal Dher village is one of the important Buddhist stupa.

The mission of digging began in the valley in 1956, the artifact was excavated sometime in the 60s and it was last displayed in a museum in 1997.

The sculptures include, "Maha Ummagga Jataka" two females adorned with jewelry and long robes and a child standing between them.

Discovery of Buddhist statues from Mardan Valley which is predominantly home to stone sculptures was a rare phemenon, Islamabad...

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