Decaying morals.

A THRIVING, harmonious society is based on certain moral values that God has ingrained in human nature. When nations forgot or deliberately decided to forego these values, messengers were sent to remind and warn their people of what they had promised in their covenant with God and the repercussions of going back on their word. Every religion has a main purpose. For Islam, this is purification of the human soul, for the Prophet (PBUH) was sent as the best example of morality as stated in the Quran (68:4).

Islam divides moral values into three groups based on who they are directed at: towards God, towards other humans and towards oneself. Islam's five pillars are not a mechanical routine that is followed but instruments through which moral values are developed and strengthened. They are embodiments of purity of heart as defined by morals (akhlaq),such as good manners, mercy and compassion towards all, kindness and fairness and efforts to develop a connection with God, staying away from acts that are forbidden and that lead to or are in themselves sins. According to Dr Khaled Abou el Fadel, 'the essential objective of the five pillars of Islam (shahadah, salah, fasting, zakat and Haj) is to teach people to consistently work at developing a relationship with God; to learn piety, self-restraint and humility'.

Consider the responsibility that Muslims have towards each other. If they are to develop piety and humility and learn moral values from the Prophet, one of the first values to be developed is respect and humility towards others. Both men and women have the same spirit infused in them, both are vicegerents of God on earth, both have the same spiritual responsibility to develop piety (taqwa).Significantly, women and men are supposed to protect each other (9:71). Hence both women and men have a responsibility to interact with each other respectfully and with recognition of each other's dignity.

The Prophet is believed to have said: the best among you are those who have the best manners and character. How deeply tragic and ironic then that the same people who claim to be followers of Islam are perhaps some of the worst examples of non-ethical and immoral behaviour, as demonstrated by the constant sexual harassment experienced in Pakistan by almost all women of all ages and social groups.

It was as if predators had been let loose.

What transpired on Jan 8 at the venue of the Karachi Eat food festival should make every Muslim question the male...

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