Deaf and dumb Shaista is only 13 and seems to know the skills to defeat her disability.

SHIKARPUR -- Deaf and dumb Shaista is only 13 and seems to know the skills to defeat her disability at this tender age and has acquired the skill of applique work through poverty reduction program at her village Lal Bux Taggar near Sobhodero district Khairpur. The program is the joint venture of Sindh Government and Sindh Rural Support Organization, which is aimed at women empowerment. Because of her disability to hear and speak, her parents sent her to deaf and dumb school, where she passed her primary and then was taken off as there was no middle or secondary school in her area. Thanks to the Sindh government and Sindh Rural Support Organization, which started poverty reduction program throughout Khairpur district in 2017, which provided a platform to the rural women to prove their talent and earn respectably to support their respective families.

Though Shaista is neither able to talk nor she could hear, but has the ability to express inner feelings and joys through sign language. Her eyes beaming with a bright future ahead and her smile added to her confidence, through which she was trying to tell that, she is earning good through her skills of applique work and pulling her family out of extreme poverty. The Chairman Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) Shoaib Sultan Khan takes keen interest in his job and feels proud, when rural women, who otherwise are not able to talk to the strangers, were sharing their success stories in big gathering in the presence of women and men.

During the visit to village Kehar of district Khairpur, Shoaib Sultan Khan addressing the successful women, expressing his joys said, it is heartening to see that, the women of district Khairpur have great success stories to share in just two years. According to him, the Sindh government...

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