DEA fails to implement SC decision on access school fee charging by various private institutions.


SARGODHA -- The District Education Authority has failed to implement Supreme Court (SC) order regarding access fees charging by the various private institutions in the district.

Most of the private institutions were ignoring the SC decision and charging monthly school fee at their own.

The parents objections were also not being addressed, a complainant Tahira whose children were studying the City School talking to reporter said here Thursday.

She said that schools were charging access fee and while not revising their fees structure despite SC order and concerned quarters were reluctant to precede their applications.

The parents said that SC orders should be implemented strictly and concerned quarters should make all out efforts to ensure relief to the masses.

A private school administration talking to reporter here Thursday said that matter was under assessment in the District Education Authority and they cannot revise fee structure at their own while approval of head office was required in this regard.

The official of District administration said Deputy Commissioner Asia Gull has taken the matter on priority and also chaired a meeting with the parents, District Education Authority and private schools' administrations for implementing the SC decision.

He said that according to SC decision the private schools can only increase five percent school fee and fee slab would be freeze at January 2017 level.

He said the schools that obtained approvals from Education Authority can increase eight percent annual fee in their fee structure.

The DC has also...

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