CSS exams may be taken in Urdu language as per resolution passed in Senate.


ISLAMABAD -- The upper house of the Parliament Monday passed a resolution with majority that the examination of Central Superior Services (CSS) may be taken in Urdu language alongside with English.

The resolution was moved by senator Siraj-ul-Haq, saying it is an inevitable for national unity.

State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Mohammad Khan said Supreme Court of Pakistan had given a judgment in 2015 to implement Urdu language as official language.

Subsequently, Lahore High Court had directed Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) to translate the English subjects in Urdu following which the FPSC approached Higher Education Commission (HEC), he said.

However, the HEC expressed their compulsion in implementing the directions in letter and spirit, the minster informed the house.

He said the percentage of drop out in the exam would be increased, if the decision is implemented in hurry.

The minister assured the house that the decision will be implemented, however, the students should be given an option to attempt the exams in either Urdu or English as per their choice.

Senator Sassui Palijo opposed the resolution saying English is an international language and spoken all over the world.

She said the countries like China, France and Germany who were so strict about their languages are also introducing English in the syllabus to prepare their people to compete at international level.

'The world has transformed into a global village and the technological advancements in the field of communication have brought the global nations closer to each other,' she said adding it will not be wise to confine our talent to Urdu language...

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