Corrupt disaster funds.

The recent disastrous floods have wreaked havoc in Pakistan, claiming the lives of over 1200. 416 children of these deaths were children. More than 33 million have been displaced as well. However, a large number of those affected have been successfully rescued and shifted to safer areas with the coordinated efforts of rescue teams and volunteers. Now, the next step is to supply food, medicines and shelters to the affected families. Nevertheless, rebuilding the infrastructure devastated by the flash floods and extreme precipitation will be the most daunting task to execute. Rehabilitation and reconstruction requires humongous finances to be spent on floods ravaged areas and afflicted people.

Pitifully, the unprecedented flash floods brought more destruction to the already underdeveloped areas, proving viciously fatal for the dwindling economy of Pakistan. The poor and downtrodden have suffered the most by this disaster. As per assessments, the complete restoration of flood hit areas may take more than five years. No fewer than $10 billion are required for the rebuilding and repairs of a number of devastated roads, buildings, bridges, houses, schools, hospitals and hotels.

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Although, ample flood relief funds are being raised by the government, international organisations and local communities, they do not seem sufficient to overcome the destruction caused. And the dark side of the picture is that the funds which have been collected so far hold no surety to be spent wholly due to the prevalent malpractices of misappropriation and embezzlement.

Some reports disclose that during the floods of 2010, Saudi Arabia's gift of 252 lakh tents to flood victims were illegally sold in the market by the involved commission mafia. A 'Civil Society Flood Situation Report' released by the People's Accountability Commission on Floods' disclosed that an amount of Rs.8 billion was pledged for rehabilitation under the annual development programme 2011-2012 but it was brazenly devoured by certain MPAs of the Sindh province. Similarly, Rs.12 billion was provided through the Sindh Social Relief Fund for responding to national disasters and emergencies. These funds were also not utilised in 2010-2011, rather the same amount was transferred to the federal government to pay Rs. 300,000 to each of the 35,000 beneficiaries under BISP.

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Likewise, a report by...

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