Commuters seek renovation of passenger waiting shelters.

ISLAMABAD -- The commuters traveling across the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, have urged the authorities concerned to renovate the van stops constructed to provide shelters to them in the harsh and cold weather conditions.

The waiting sheds set up by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) a long time ago for facilitating the public were in a miserable condition due to the indifferent attitude of the departments concerned.

This was a blessing for the commuters who had to wait for a local van, sometimes in unpleasant weather but it seemed that nobody was interested in taking care of them, Shahbaz Abbasi complained while talking to reporter at T and T stop.

Shahbaz, who was standing outside the waiting shed, said the stinky smell of garbage, wrecked sitting benches and wild shrubs inside the shelter forced him to stand at road .

He urged the quarters concerned to pay attention to this service...

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