Commercial activities in residential areas irks residents.

RAWALPINDI -- Illegal commercial activities in Gawalmandi residential area of Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) irk the residents while the encroachers have occupied streets and roads in the area creating problems particularly for women and children.

Most of the streets of the area have been converted into commercial centers as the traders have changed houses into shops and godowns.

The residents also complained that influential persons with the connivance of RCB officials are constructing illegal plazas and shops in the locality further deteriorating the agonizing situation.

The residents of Ward number (3) talking to reporter informed that encroachments in Gawalmandi area are on the rise as RCB authorities are unable to remove encroachments which are getting out of control.

Encroachments have become a major problem not only for motorists, but also for the area residents, while the concerned are taking no action.

The residents complained that encroachments are main reason behind traffic jams, as encroachers have occupied almost half of the road. Not only the motorists, but the pedestrians are facing problems because of the encroachments restricting their movement.

'The authorities should play an effective role to remove these encroachers from the roads for smooth flow of traffic,' they urged.

Mohammad Iqbal, a resident of Gawalmandi said one could see the traffic mess in Gawalmandi area as motor workshops had occupied both sides of the road and left no space for movement of pedestrians besides causing worst traffic...

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