Coalition on combating trafficking in person launched.

ISLAMABAD -- The Sustainable Social Development Organisation (SSDO) has launched civil society organisations' coalition on combating trafficking in person and modern day slavery in Pakistan to join hands in the battle against human trafficking and bonded labour.

The organisations which are part of the coalition are having the specific expertise to adopt approach to help reduce trafficking in persons (TIP) cases.

SSDO is working on combating human trafficking and bonded labour through capacity enhancement, strengthening coordination and awareness raising among all stakeholders including parliamentarians, law enforcement agencies, officials of concerned government departments, judiciary and prosecution, academia, media, victim service providers and potential victim communities.

Contributing more to the society, Sustainable Social Development Organisation is now moving towards working on reducing rate of trafficking in person and to provide better victim protection while developing a comprehensive cross-sectoral approach for prevention, protection and prosecution of TIP cases along with building partnership with specific organisations and donors working on TIP.

The basic purpose of the network is to work in collaboration on TIP and support each other's efforts. As there is huge issue of shrinking space so members of network can also join hands in securing larger funding opportunities. Sustainable Social Development Organisation will host the secretariat of the network.

Currently, there are...

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