Climate resilience in Pakistan.



Trees are playing vital role in the combating climate change affects on our planet. according to United Nations Frame work Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) climate change report of, 2017,the trees must cover above 25% of land of particular country.

However according to current data on trees shows that only 3% of land of Pakistan is covered with trees which is lowest ratio in the world. Which can not sustain the current heat waves occurring in the different parts of the country. Moreover there is no any huge requirement of investment for tree plantation in the country. Every citizen of Pakistan can play a vital role in tree plantation campaigns arranged by different government and non government organizations in the country and also individual can participate in this movement , It is the time for our people that tree plantation must be increased on war footing, because climate change is coming faster than our response.

Furthermore people may be sensitized regarding environmental changes which are affecting Pakistan badly. Pakistan Stands at no 8 in the list of vulnerable country on climate change. Moreover government must take necessary steps towards shifting Energy from fossil fuel to renewable energy. to create healthy environment for next generation. Tree plantation is simple and everybody can participate to tackle the deteriorating environmental condition of Pakistan.

Lastly Climate change is real threat for our future generations, it is our collective responsibility that we can take necessary steps to combat with climate...

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