Climate Change Education.

It was highly necessary for the government to incorporate climate change as part of the national curriculum of Pakistan; it is good to see that this is in motion now. We have remained ignorant of its impacts on our environment, health and food security for far too long. The hope with this initiative is that future generations will be informed and motivated enough to welcome a new era of sustainability that mitigates the harms of environmental degradation.

The federal government is moving in the direction of the National Climate Change Policy of 2012 which emphasised the importance of the environment as a compulsory subject matter. The merits of such reform in the educational sector are clear; awareness and positive reactive action. Only when students understand the sanctity of the earth, its atmosphere and the inner workings of each ecosystem is when they can understand the degree of damage being done to it globally. Subsequently, this mindfulness is what can transition into active effort for restoring...

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