Civil society panels assemble for climate, economic justice.

LAHORE -- As world leaders convene at COP27 and at the G20 summit civil society organisations assemble in the Punjab capital to call for climate and economic justice.

At a protest organised outside the press club on Wednesday to mark the COP27 climate summit and G20 summit and to demand climate reparations and debt suspension for Pakistan, the Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee (PKRC) called on the governments of rich countries to deliver solutions to the climate and economic crises gripping the world.

Farooq Tariq said the governments of rich countries, multilateral banks, and corporations should immediately stop funding and supporting fossil fuel projects. 'We really have to end the use of fossil fuels now. There must be no more new oil-, gas- or coal-fired projects if we are to save humanity. Shift this financing to clean energy.'

Zaighum Abbas said as countries in the Global South are already facing crippling debt service, sudden and slow onset impacts of climate change not only limit the abilities of these countries to repay their loans, but also their abilities to respond to the...

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