Civil Society demands equal educational opportunities for transgender.

ISLAMABAD -- Despite many initiatives and legislative frameworks the most victimized and maltreated transgender are still at poles a part in the society to get their fundamental right of education whereas the representatives of civil society have demanded to increase educational opportunities for the segment to bring them into main stream of social fabric.

They were of the view that no formal education was introduced at nation level for the transgender people as access to education is the right of every person but unfortunately the transgender community was deprived of their basic education rights.

Transgender people discontinue their education and risk their future career opportunities due to discriminatory behavior of the society as they are even deprived of family and school environment.

Nosheen, a transgender said many education initiatives have been done by different NGOs like separate schools for our community as there were a number of people from this community who are interested to have formal education but it is social stigma that their concerns had never been discussed at any forum.

She further added that the inclusion of transgender persons in an education set up is a big challenge, so scholarships should be a unique opportunity for the transgender persons to learn and grow in the society as equal citizen.

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