Citizens urged to consume less processed goods to reduce impact on climate.


Devcom-Pakistan Director Munir Ahmed Saturday urged citizens to play their due role in minimizing drastic climate impact through less consumption of mechanically produced goods and industrial products, besides reducing carbon footprint via monitoring their consumption patterns. "The exuberant lifestyle has led us to over consumption of products inorganically or industrially produced, hence putting more pressure on the natural resources either as input to the production or disposing off the industrial waste," Munir Ahmed pointed out in an interactive session titled "citizens' role in reducing climate impact"with the business undergraduate at Quaid-eAzam University. "The unchecked global warming over the decades has changed the climate to the point where we have starting facing the brunt of it," he said in a press release received here.

Though the countries like Pakistan or some of the African states were not the contributor to the climate change but unfortunately were the most vulnerable to the disastrous impact, he added. Ahmed said everybody, being...

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