Chup Tazia ends peacefully.


HYDERABAD -- Hundreds of mourners attended the Chup Tazia procession brought out from Qadamgah Maula Ali on Wednesday under the aegis of Anjuman-i-Hyderi.

Taboot, alam, cradles, Zuljinah and an amaari comprising a couple of camels to reflect the mode of travelling of Syeda Zainab were part of the procession.

Men, women and children walked up to Karbala Dadan Shah from Qadamgah before Isha prayers. Allama Syed Baqar Zaidi addressed a majlis at Qadamgah after Zohrain prayers. He also addressed the last majlis on Mohammad Ali Jauhar Road.

The entire route from Qadamgah to Karbala Dadan Shah remained sealed completely. Rangers...

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