Chinese military technology will define Pak response to Indian threat.

ISLAMABAD -- China's willingness to provide its state-of-the-art military technology to Pakistan will define latter's ability to confront threat from India that is investing heavily in modernising its armed forces.

This was stated by former chief of air staff retired Air Chief Marshal Kaleem Saadat while speaking at a seminar on Thursday.

He said in view of the geo-political environment, China, which has 'considerable' military capabilities, can potentially be the major source for buying modern military technology.

The seminar organised by Strategic Vision Institute (SVI) on 'India's military modernisation and counter-force temptations: impact on regional security' looked at India's drive for modernising its armed forces by importing weaponry from foreign sources in addition to developing local capabilities and Pakistan's options for dealing with the emerging situation.

The discussion was also in the context of greater Indian focus on development of 'counter-force capabilities' that could undermine the deterrent value of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal.

Everyone is worried about 'Indian potential for mischief' and we would need more capable aircraft and weapons, says ex-air chief

The former air chief said the other major challenge for Pakistan, while buying modern technology, would be that of financing it.

China is already the leading source of advanced weapons purchases for Pakistan replacing US. According to SIPRI, which maintains the database of military expenditures, Pakistan is the top buyer of Chinese arms.

Everyone, Mr Saadat said, is worried about the 'Indian potential for mischief' and it is obvious that we would need 'more capable aircraft and weapons.'

He also called for developing electronic countermeasure capability to counter India's S400 systems, acquired from Russia, and focusing on cyber warfare. The cyber warfare capability, he said, would have to be developed indigenously.

Former secretary defence production retired Lt Gen Syed Mohammad Owais also recommended closer coordination with the Chinese to remain prepared for responding to any hostility from India. He said India wants to weaken Pakistan politically, militarily, economically, and internally and this hostile posture is unlikely to change irrespective of who is in power in Delhi.

India in its quest for modernisation of its forces is supported by US and Israel. New...

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