Chinese expert praises first-ever mass rapid transit train in Lahore.


BEIJING -- The first-ever mass rapid transit train (Orange Line Metro Train) in Lahore will help Pakistan to better address its growing demand for public transportation

This was stated by Chinese expert Zhou Rong at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University in an interview with 'Global Times' in Beijing.

Zhou Rong said that with the addition of a first-rate, modern public transit service will be a major boon to Pakistan economy and people.

The expert described the project as a token of China-Pakistan friendship and a project that provides a high-class transportation service of international standards.

He said the system will bring benefits to commuters and office workers in Lahore while the roomier train compartment provides ready access to an area exclusively for women.

Zhou Rong said the rolling out of an electrified subway system showed that Pakistan's energy issues are being effectively addressed.

The Orange Line Metro Train was put through its...

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