Cease moving the pandemic of human rights.

"To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity" - Nelson Mandela

Every year, December 10th is observed as Human Rights Day. On December 10th, 1948 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR); the document which grants rights to every individual regardless of race, cast, culture, class, nationality, religion, language, and ethnicity. Despite this, human rights violation is spreading as a pandemic disease that is plaguing the entire world.

The violation of human rights is manifested in the form of human trafficking, child abuse, gender discrimination, violation of prisoners' rights, refugee rights, violation of rights to information and journalism, execution of innocents in war-torn regions such as Iraq, Syria, Myanmar, Kashmir, Palestine, etc. Human rights violation is a threat to international peace as it instigates global terrorism and extremism which inflict severe repercussions on the entire world.

Syria, Sudan, Congo, and Pakistan lead 10 countries with the worst human rights violations in 2014

civil rights violation in 2014

Worst Human Rights Violating Countries in 2021-22

human rights violation global figures

Minority Rights are human rights that are violated throughout the world; human beings are lynched, tortured, and killed in the name of religion, cast, and ethnicity.

Ethnic cleansing in Myanmar and sectarian violence in Muslim countries are a few testimonies of the violation of minority rights. The recent lynching of Sri Lankan factory manager, Priyantha Diyawadanage in the city of Sialkot indicates the fact that savages are roaming freely in the garb of humans.

In addition to this, human trafficking is also spreading like a contagious disease, every year millions of children, women, and men are smuggled into sexual slavery and forced labor. The world is also suffering from a pandemic of misogyny where women and children are harassed, abused, and killed in order to fulfill the hunger of patriarchy. Surging cases of children and women's rights violations such as murder cases of Noor Mukadam, Zainub, and Quratulain Baloch are indicative of the fact that the entire civilization is going back towards barbarism and savagery.

rights of civilians

Since the adoption of the Human Rights Charter in 1945, the signatory members of the charter have produced a pile of papers proclaiming goals and principles to promote and protect fundamental human rights, which no state...

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