CDA to install LEDs in I-14.


ISLAMABAD -- Capital Development Authority (CDA) has approved Rs17 million for installation of latest and smart LED street lights in sector I-14 of Islamabad. These smart LED lights would be installed at the major Roads of the sector I-14.

Based on latest technology, these LED lights not only provide more light but help save sufficient energy. Provision of the street light in Sector I-14 was the long standing demand of the residents.

However, in the past development of the sector including provision of basic amenities remained ignored due to which residents of the sector were facing difficulties.

Incumbent management of the authority devised a comprehensive strategy to take up stalled sectors so that development work could be initiated. In this connection, PC-I and PC-IIs of various stalled sectors were prepared and got approved by the CDA-DWP.

Sector I-14 was also among those sectors where residual development work was stalled since years, however, incumbent management not only approved PC-II for development activities but also completed the repair/maintenance of main access road of the sector in short span and now authority is heading toward installation of smart LED lights for...

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