CDA halts plot transfers without scrutiny committee's approval.


ISLAMABAD -- Suspecting several new cases of fraudulent plot allotments, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has issued another letter halting plot transfers without approval of a scrutiny committee.

A scrutiny committee is supposed to check whether plots are allotted on the basis of genuine documentation and in a transparent manner.

Sources said that up until March, many people used fraudulent means to have plots allotted to them in sectors such as D-13, E-13 and I-12 and, working with land directorate officials, had them transferred. They said these allotments were made using backdated, fake signatures so they appeared to have been made in 2016.

The sources said that people had prime plots, such as those on double roads, allotted to them in these sectors.

They said that when Land Director Shafi Marwat formed a scrutiny committee to check all the documentation on which these allotments were based, some employees who were allegedly involved in the fraud began lobbying against him, the member estate and CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed to prevent the scrutinisation process from taking place.

A CDA official said that there should be no delay in the scrutinisation of cases.

'Unfortunately, it has become a habit for some staffers in the land directorate to create hurdles for genuine allottees as well. The genuine cases should be dealt with as a priority, but action should be taken against fake allotments,' the official said.

According to a June 12 letter issued by the land director, the directorate cannot issuea no-demand certificate (NDC) for the transfer of plots without approval from the scrutiny committee.

The letter has also asked that the one-window operation not entertain any land transfers...

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