Cake director Asim Abbasi's web series is coming for the patriarchy.


A poster for Churails is out and we can't wait!

Cake director Asim Abbasi just released the poster for his much-awaited web series called Churails and now we're even more thrilled than we were before.

'Hojayein tayaar, khwateen aur hazraat. Especially hazraat. Jald arahi hain kuch rangeen Churailein, aapki deep-rooted misogyny ki band bajaanay (Get ready ladies and gentlemen. Especially the gentlemen. A few rangeen Churailein are coming to bash your deep-rooted misogyny)," read the caption

Speaking to Images, Abbasi shared, 'I am super excited about Churails. It has been creatively such a liberating experience for me, to tell this story as unabashedly as it needs to be told. The web series is expected...

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