Book on Gilgit-Baltistan issues launched.


KARACHI -- A book, titled Delusional states: feeling rule and development in Pakistan's northern frontier, has been launched here. Written by Nosheen Ali, it is published by Cambridge University Press.

The launching ceremony was held at 'Workers Hall' in Panorama Centre , which was organised by the NatiAonal Students Federation.

Ms Ali, who teaches at the Aga Khan University, claiAmAed that Gilgit-Baltistan had suffered what she called 'blowback' of the 9/11 incidents in the US. She claimed that the locals had no say in decision-making process there.

Referring to 'reforms' initiated by the federal government since 2008 under which the legislature was introduced there, she said that all powers still rested with the prime minister of Pakistan, not the GB assembly.

She said the ruling elites' attitude towards GB was restricted to what she called 'elite paternalism and romanticised landscape' instead of providing them 'citizenship rights'.

In this regard, she cited her meeting with a former federal minister for northern areas and recalled that when she raised the question of citizenship rights, the then minister responded by saying that the government had given 'CNICs, passports, CPEC, etc,' therefore, the people should be grateful for these things.

She said the...

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