Begum Alvi urges women to focus on economic empowerment.

KARACHI -- First Lady Begum Samina Alvi Monday urged womenfolk to make concerted efforts for their economic empowerment without any compromise to social norms and values.

Addressing a conference organized by Rotary Club of Karachi-Crown, she said the government was making all-out efforts to help women, pertaining to different socio-economic sections, gain economic independence as this was equally important for the society in general.

Begum Alvi in this regard referred to series of schemes initiated during the past few years, including those by State Bank of Pakistan offering special loan packages, with

zero or very low mark-up, for small entrepreneurs, mainly the women.

She said any effort to address the fulfilling of collateral condition, was highly appreciable as it was often a difficult option for most of women.

Begum Alvi said special attention was being paid towards women under the Ehsaas Programme adding measures being adopted for economic empowerment of women,

were further being complemented through steps taken for their social protection.

Protection of women against harassment,safety at workplace, equal employment opportunities were actually the rights guaranteed to citizens under the Constitution and

its proper implementation was a collective responsibility, she added.

Quoting Surah Nisa, she said this manifested the fact as how much importance was accorded to women under the religion - Islam.

Highlighting importance of economic independence of citizens in general, she said attention...

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