Balochistan Women Economic Policy Bill Needed To Be Tabled For Legislation: PBF.

QUETTA -- Pakistan Businesses Forum (PBF) Balochistan Chapter Vice Chairperson Sana Durrani has urged the provincial governAment not to introduce new women rights laws in the provAince as the old ones have yet to be implemented.

Talking to media here on SatAurday, she said the country can't be developed by sidelining the 52 percent of the country's popAulation and continue exploiting the rights of women. Without involving females in economic sector, we can't expect progress in our province, she added.

Emphasising on implementaAtion of women acts and legislaAtion introduced by the provincial government, Sana Durrani said that she had been consulting with parliamentarians to stop tabling further acts and bills regarding women rights beAcause the already tabled ones have yet to be implemented in the province. 'The government of Balochistan adopted Women Harassment Act in 2016 but it's ironical that they didn't appoint the ombudsman...

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