Balochistan government fails to control hunting of migratory birds, wildlife.


ISLAMABAD -- Balochistan government has failed to take concrete steps to control hunting of migratory birds and wildlife species under the Wildlife Act 2014.

According to Umar Goagzai, a wildlife lover in Balochistan said wildlife in the province was in serious danger and it required special measures by the government to curb poaching of endangered wildlife species.

Balochistan has rich biodiversity and natural heritage, especially wildlife that has unfortunately facing threat mainly due to human activities and adverse weather conditions, he added.

Goagzai said the wildlife of Balochistan was in danger due to increasing population, deforestation, climatic changes, drought and unbridled hunting resulting wild animals and birds to migrate from the province.

He said that the government under the Wildlife Act 2014 has to formulate enabling policy and managing wildlife parks, captive breeding facilities, aviaries, zoological gardens, zoological museums, environmental education centres, rescue centres and other facilities. There has been not a single structure developed under the said law which had further deteriorated the wildlife situation, he noted.

Talking to reporter, Balochistan Wildlife Conservator Sharif Baloch said the government was taking extensive measures despite issues to save wildlife and educate the masses regarding wildlife and nature conservation.

The migratory birds such as Siberian Crane, migrate from Siberia to Balochistan due to moderate weather in March and go back in October every year. The migratory birds destination in the province is Dalbandin, Zangi Nawar and Zhob.

He said the migratory birds face many challenges in Balochistan as most of the people ruthlessly...

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