Balochistan achieves 100 percent polio vaccination target in harsh weather.

ISLAMABAD -- Balochistan has achieved 100 percent target of administering vaccines to children under five years of age during the three-day nationwide anti-polio campaign, despite its difficult terrain, and amid harsh weather conditions, including cold winds and heavy snowfall.

In visuals shared by the emergency operation cell (EOC) Balochistan and health department, female polio workers can be seen walking close to mud-walled houses in Barshore area of the Pishin district to provide anti-polio drops to the children.

Marjana, a community health worker, could be seen engaged in the anti-polio campaign despite heavy snowfall and harsh weather in the Pishin district of Balochistan province.

Anti-polio campaign was kicked off in Balochistan like in other parts of the country to eradicate the...

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