Atta Tarar unveils facts behind rare watch-set gift sold out by Imran Khan.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) Attaullah Tarar on Wednesday unveiled the facts behind a rare and priceless watch-set gift, containing pen and cufflinks embodied with 12.24 karat diamonds, which was handed over to former prime minister Imran Khan by the Saudi Crown Prince but the PTI chairman sold it out in a 'criminal way' without realizing 'importance and uniqueness of the gift.

'It is the only watch got prepared by the Saudi Crown Prince for gifting to Pakistan, so its price can't be matched with other ones. Its unique dial is of Khana Ka'aba (Baitullah Sharif) shape,' he said while showing documentary evidence of the gift's details and the price evaluation.

He said as per rules, any gift received from abroad was first deposited in the 'Toshakhana' and later on another procedure of market evaluation was carried out if the recipient wanted to keep it. 'But nothing such thing happened in this case.'

However, he said, as per the market evaluation that had been carried out in a thorough professional and technical way, its price stood at around $12 million, almost Rs 1.7 billion at that time and now Rs 2 billion.

He said Imran Khan bought the watch set at Rs 20 million only, without adopting the laid down procedure.

'And now, he (Imran) has confessed to committing two crimes which are buying and selling it.'

He regretted that the unique gift was not meant to sell in the open...

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