VANCOUVER, BC: Atmofizer Technologies Inc. (the "Company" or "Atmofizer") (CSE: ATMO) (OTCQB: ATMFF) is pleased to announce its financial results for the year ended December 31, 2022. All amounts are expressed in United States dollars unless otherwise noted.


On February 23, 2022, the Company filed a prospectus supplement to the Base Shelf Prospectus (the "Prospectus Supplement") establishing an at-the-market equity program (the "ATM Program") that allows the Company to issue and sell up to C$5,000,000 of Common Shares from treasury to the public, from time to time, at the Company's discretion. All Common Shares sold under the ATM Program will be made through sales that are deemed to be "at-the-market distributions" as defined in NI 44-102 through the CSE or any other "marketplace" in Canada as defined under applicable securities laws.

Distributions of the Common Shares under have been made under the Prospectus Supplement pursuant to the terms of an equity distribution agreement between the Company and Clarus Securities Inc. ("Clarus") dated February 23, 2022 (the "Equity Distribution Agreement"). The volume and timing of distributions under the ATM Program, if any, will be determined in the Company's sole discretion. Common Shares are distributed pursuant to the ATM Program at the market prices prevailing at the time of each sale and, as a result, prices may vary as between purchasers and during the period of the ATM Program. The ATM Program will be effective until the earlier of the issuance and sale of all of the Common Shares issuable pursuant to the ATM Program and February 14, 2024, unless terminated prior to such date by the Company or Clarus in accordance with the terms of the Equity Distribution Agreement.

On April 5, 2022, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (the "USPTO") issued a U.S. Patent relating to the Company's air and water purification technology. The U.S. Patent provides protection for the application of the Company's air and water purification technology in the United States.

On August 23, 2022, the Company announced that the USPTO has issued a Notice of Allowance for new claims related to the Company's air and water purification technology. The allowed patent application, titled, "Ultra-Fine Particle Aggregation, Neutralization and Filtration" (US Patent Application No. 11,291,939) provides broad protection for important aspects of Atmofizer's air purification technology. The Notice of...

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