AQ Khalil advises JPSD to focus on setting up universities for prosperous future.

KARACHI -- General Secretary Businessmen Group and Former President Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) AQ Khalil has advised Jamiyat Punjab Saudagran-e-Delhi (JPSD) to enhance the scope of Jamiat's operations by looking into the possibility of setting up universities for higher education instead of staying confined to just financing the deserving students. 'We should have owned at least three universities but, unfortunately, it has not happened so far and we are way behind so JPSD, which has taken several social welfare initiatives, must also struggle to enhance its ambit in order to catch up with the pace of developing world so that prosperous future for our next generations could be ensured', he added while speaking at a meeting during the visit of JPSD delegation to KCCI. President KCCI Mohammed Tariq Yousuf, Senior Vice President Touseef Ahmed, President JPSD Muhammad Saleem Farooqui, General Secretary JPSD Mufti Talha Abdul Malik, Former Presidents KCCI Saeed Shafiq and Shamim Ahmed Firpo and others also attended the meeting. On behalf of the entire Urdu speaking community, AQ Khalil extended complete support to KCCI's Office Bearers with high hopes that they would work enthusiastically to deliver the best services to the business and industrial community of Karachi. Keeping in view the strong ties between KCCI and JPSD, AQ Khalil was fairly optimistic that the relationship between the two institutions would continue to strengthen further and both would work collectively for resolving some of the most pressing issues being suffered by Karachi.

President JPSD Muhammad Saleem Farooqui, in his remarks, highlighted numerous initiatives taken by JPSD which has been providing free groceries to a large number of families, sponsoring marriages and financing students in addition to providing healthcare facility to community members and others through BHY Hospital where state-of-art-facilities were being provided to patients. 'Free-of-cost dialysis facility is also...

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