An Unsung hero Mr. Rafi Butt.


'A hero is a selfless generous spirit who just tries to give back as much as possible, saves people and deeply cares'

The 26th Day of November marks the death anniversary of a gallant leader Mr Rafi Butt who dedicated all his wealth and faculties for furtherance of the cause of Muslims of the sub-continent. His memory is a story of selfless devotion and whole hearted submission to the mission of one's leader. An inspiring saga of a young entrepreneur who believed in the responsibility that came with power, money and freedom. His steadfast unconditional support for Quaid e Azam laid the foundation of the economy of Pakistan.

Mr. Rafi Butt was an enigmatic, energetic and innovative industrialist, statesman and visionary who endured overwhelming obstacles to become one of the most adored inspiring personalities of the Subcontinent. He never succumbed to problems and predicaments rather cherished them as opportunities and possibilities. Born in an honorable lineage in 1909 Mr. Rafi Butt started his career as a young industrialist at the tender age of sixteen and through his sheer commitment and incomparable business acumen he immediately became an astounding success. It speaks volumes of his business intelligence and astuteness that he flourished in times when Hindus dominated trade and industry and he was among a handful of young Muslim businessman who made their mark. His contemporaries believe his accomplishments can also be attributed to his personality. He was a well-dressed tall handsome vibrant man with good humor and a pleasant demeanor. He was a trustworthy friend and a straightforward upright businessman. His ever smiling presence was cherished by friends and foes alike.

Quaid e Azam; the father of the nation had a very astute perception of identifying steadfast, loyal and gifted comrades. Quaid visited Mr. Rafi Butts flourishing industrial complex; 'Ghulam Nabi and Sons' in December 1942 which marked the beginning of a revered and meaningful association. Mr. Rafi Butt was truly captivated by Quaid's personality and he assured him of his full cooperation both in terms of time and currency. Quaid on the other hand was a complete statesman and he realized not only did the budding Muslim League require funds to compete against the fierce adversary Congress but also needed young talented entrepreneurs in future to uplift the Muslim community. So it was a mutual assent to becoming partners in the struggle towards the same objective; the...

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