American businessmen should invest in Pakistani textile industry, suggests Consul General.

MULTAN -- The American investors should tap Pakistan markets especially textile industry as lots of opportunities are available for them to invest.

" I have realized during my stay in Pakistan that there are great opportunities for American investors to invest here." American Consul General Lahore William K. Makaneole stated during a dinner hosted by known industrialist, Khawaja Jalauddin Roomi in his honour, said a press release issued here on Monday.

The US values its long-standing relationship with Pakistan and that is why whenever Pakistan faced any problem, America was the first to the rescue, he maintained.

The current flood is a clear proof that the American government stood by Pakistan to fight this calamity since day one, he explained.

If both countries expand the investment, the results will be much better for them, Mr Makaneole hoped.

Multan is a historical city and its citizens are not only hospitable, but their business vision is also very important." he noted.

America wants to improve education and health systems, end energy crisis and eradicate poverty from Pakistan." he said adding that his country has been working on various projects in Pakistan for a long time which is bearing fruit now.

" The Multanites are as sweet as their mangoes." The Consul General said and added that they have excellent skills in every field of life.

In his welcome address Khawaja Jalaluddin Romi, welcomed the American delegation.

He said that the eminent personalities from all walks of life attended the event. The friendship between Pakistan and America is based on sincerity, he said adding that both countries come to each other's aid when any problem arose.

Although there have been ups and downs in the relations between the two countries in the past, but the relationship of love has remained forever, Mr Roomi recalled.

The American government and the business community are more enthusiastic about the construction and development of Pakistan than before, he stated.

" The United States is a major business ally of Pakistan. That is why the...

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