Amending criminal law.

There is a need to enact amendments in Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code for the punishment of qatl-i-amd and Section 311- for paying blood money. The gruesome crime of murder looks quite straightforward as by law only two parties are involved in it but in reality it is quite the opposite. A murderer while committing this offence creates a terror that still remains fresh in his and the victim's vicinity.

This does not involve only two people but a society at large as well. It is seen how subsection (a) of 302 states that punishment of death shall be granted to the accused as qisas for the murder committed and subsection (b) of giving life imprisonment or fine but all referring to the facts of the case., the s.302 (c) deals with facts where qisas is not possible than the imprisonment shall be till 25 years and can be less to 10 years only but this is not usually the case. Another provision, Section 311 deals with blood money where the accused pays money to the victims family to resolve the case. This concept has made many arguments around the world and such by various human rights commissions, who argue how this practise should stop as this only creates more fear towards the criminal itself. By this concept it gives a point of view that with money a life can be bought easily where a rich can pay money and kill whoever and whenever he wants, this shows the drawback of sections 302 and 311.

The appeal for writing this letter is regarding the terror...

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