AJK PM calls for policy to create employment opportunities.

MUZAFFARABAD -- Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime MinisterSardar Tanveer Ilyas on Wednesday urged the Small Industries Corporation (SIC) to devise a comprehensive policy to reduce poverty by creating employment opportunities for the people of the state.

'The corporation should formulate an all-inclusive and effective policy for promotion of the cottage industry in the state followed by initiation of a process to offer soft loans to business minded people, particularly from the young generation,' he said at a meeting on the subject.

The AJK premier pointed out that since the liberated territory was home to rich art and craft it possessed huge potential for cottage industry.

'Promotion of the cottage industry will create livelihood opportunities at a great scale on the one hand and help market unique local products across the country on the other,' he said, urging the corporation to introduce and promote local talent at the national and international level under a well worked out strategy.

He also directed the establishment of display centres to showcase locally produced handicrafts for the convenience of both artisans and buyers. On his government's part, the prime minister assured thatall necessary measures, including allocation of funds for soft loans, would be taken to encourage cottage industries.

Similarly, the AJK premier also directed the SIC to play a role in establishment and expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in different parts of the state.


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