There is a boy whose whole childhood was mostly spent around girls. At home, he is around his two elder sisters and his mother because his father is mostly out of the city for work. He was admitted to the girls' section in school because the boys' section didn't have space. He has adopted the habits and style of girls, causing other boys to make fun of him.

He wants to change but doesn't know how. He hesitates to talk about this and there is no one to guide him. His parents are very busy and he has very few friends - they are not the type to help. What should he do to change his habits?

Disappointed Totally.

'How can a boy become less effeminate?'

Dear Disappointed Totally,

Auntie is tempted to say that 'This is who this boy is and he should embrace it', but that doesn't really solve his problem, does it?

All of us are a work in progress and there is nothing wrong with wanting to change something about your mannerism that you don't like. Many of us look at others and get inspired to be more like them. Studious kids look at the popular kids and want to be more like them. Girly girls can get inspired by tomboys to become sportier and care less about how they look, and vice versa. It is possible to change your behaviour and your mannerism.

Just think of the people you meet after a long gap and who have changed dramatically and look like completely different people. Think about the unconfident, mousy girl in school who grew up to become an outgoing socialite. Or the weak-looking schoolboy who became a hot celebrity.

It is possible to change who you are.

Since this boy's effeminate mannerism is bothering him and he wants to be more masculine in the traditional sense, he definitely should take steps to becoming that and see where it goes.

He should start by becoming more self-aware about his obviously effeminate mannerisms and slowly...

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