Adherence to Covid SOPs becomes more important due to Delta strain presence.

KARACHI -- Clean hands, masks covering nose and mouth, avoiding crowded places, keeping distance and special care to be in an adequately ventilated space (if indoor) are simple tools to avoid Covid -19 threatening the world with its fast mutating strains each turning to be more deadlier than other with the passage of time.

As the presence of Delta variant, also known as Indian variant, has been established in different cities of the country, healthcare providers talking to reporter said the people in Pakistan like their counterparts across the globe, seemed to susceptible to the Covid -19 infection and its varied strains.

"It is all the more important for them to realize its (Delta's) presence in the environment, its intensity and their vulnerability," said Dr Khadija Ansari.

She urged the masses to understand that restricted social mobility with due care towards personal hygiene as clean hands, appropriate use of mask - ensuring washing hands before putting and removing mask- and other simple measures could help them avoid contracting and/or spreading infection thus largely countering the disease.

"The current threat of Delta, that originated in India causing heavy human loss is not only the deadliest of all Covid 19 strains but is established to be most transmissible with capacity to spread very fast," senior researcher and microbiologist Dr Shahana Urooj Kazmi said.

Appealing to the people to ensure vaccination with utmost care towards completion of the needed course, she emphasized that available vaccines, in particular context of Indian or Delta variant was significantly efficient in protecting infected individuals against severity of the disease that enhanced the chances of mortality.

Mentioning that the need for hospitalization, closely associated with...

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