57 killed, 5000 motorbikes snatched in October.

KARACHI -- Karachi is facing an alarming increase in the menace of street crime as 57 people were killed while resisting robbery bids and other incidents in the month of October, ARY News reported on Saturday citing Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) report.

According to the CPLC report, 211 cars were snatched or stolen in October, while 49 of the stolen/snatched cars were recovered by the police.

During the outgoing month, around 5000 motorcycles were snatched or stolen, out of which only 323 were recovered.

Additionally, 2260 people were deprived of their mobile phones, out of which 39 were recovered, the CPLC added.

It added that 57 people were killed in multiple incidents while two kidnapping for ransom incidents were reported during the period.

Karachi has...

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