28th Safar procession held amid tight strict security.


SARGODHA -- Commemorating the martyrdom day of Hazrat Imam e Hassan (R.A) 28th Safar procession was administrated here at Sargodha under tight security measurements.

The 28th Safar procession was started from Markazi UImam Bargah Block 7 Khushab road Sargodha. The procession ended on the main Imam Bargah Muhammadia Block No. 19 passing through fixed routs including Karkhana Bazaar and Ameen Baazar.

The Ulemas and Zakreen have delivered speeches regarding the Shahadat Hazrat Imam Hassan R.A and His teaching.

Police and law enforcement agencies have adopted foolproof security arrangements for maintaining peace during processions and Majalis on the eve of commemorating the day of Hazrat Imam Hassan R.A.

Police official said that strict...

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