Zalmay Khalilzad rebuked, told to mind his own business.

ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad yesterday reAbuked forAmer US envoy on AfghaniAstan Zalmay Khalilzad for blatantly isAsuing controversial stateAments about Pakistan's polAitics and the Armed Forces.

Khalilzad faced intense backlash for his tweets against Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Asim Munir and was told to mind his own business. On Twitter, ZalAmay Khalilzad had reacted to COAS Asim Munir's speech during the Army Chief's reAcent visit to Sialkot GarriAson, accusing that the entire speech was 'alarming'.

Khalilzad said he was conAcerned for Pakistan before, but now the Army chief's speech led him to believe that things were truly dire. He asserted that a counAtry's army was a critical inAstitution that must be led by someone possessed of sobriAety, calm responsibility, and 'political neutrality.'

Khalilzad's unjustified reAmarks came after the InAter: Services Public Relations (ISPR), said the Army Chief had underscored that reAcently planned and orchesAtrated tragic incidents will never be allowed again at any cost. The COAS reassured the rank and file that all those responsible for bringing shame to the nation on Black Day of 9th May would certainly be brought to justice.

The army chief had repreAsented the whole nation when he called martyrs and their monuments are a source of inAspiration and pride for the rank and file of the Armed ForcAes, Law Enforcement AgenAcies, government officials, and the people of Pakistan. KhalilAzad was heavily slammed on social media for his unwanted and controversial comments against COAS Asim Munir. NeAtizens including members from the ruling coalition hit out at Zalmay Khalilzad for his stateAments against the Pakistan Army Chief. They questioned his sources for the claims he made in his tweets and also asked him to refrain from comAmenting on Pakistan's internal matters.

Previously, the Foreign Office has even warned Zalmay KhalilAzad not to comment on PakiAstan's domestic issues.

However, the former US enAvoy continues to double down on his commentary on the curArent political situation in PakiAstan while often cautioning the Pakistan government.

Pakistan People's Party leadAer Senator Palwasha Khan blasted Khalilzad...

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