You cannot crush an ideology, Imran warns decision: makers.

LAHORE -- Pakistan Tehreek: e: Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Friday said that the government was welcome to carry out a search of his residence at Zaman Park if it ensured it would be carried out according to the orAders of the Lahore High Court (LHC).

Addressing media persons outside his Zaman Park residence here on Friday, PTI chairman said that he did not trust the Punjab caretaker govAernment as the police would plant weapons and falsify evidence to imAplicate him in a fake case.

Khan said he that he met a team of police and provincial government offiAcials who visited his residence and told them to come see whether there was any wanted person there. But then they said that they wanted to carry out an entire search of his house.

'If you want to find wanted men or terArorists, why do you have to come search my house? Have I committed a crime, or is there another reason that needs to be specAified?' he asked.

However, the PTI Chairman revealed: 'The authorities have now changed their stance, saying there are wanted men, not terrorists at Zaman Park.' 'You can laAbel anyone you want. And they have takAen away 7,500 of our people on this baAsis. They have taken away our entire senior leadership. Whoever is in the PTI is wanted at present,' Khan maintained.

PTI Chairman stated that he told them that he would not allow that to happen beAcause those thousands in custodies includAing women were being tortured and haArassed without any reason.

'If there is anything that we permit, it will be along the lines of what the LHC ordered, as there would be one person from their side, one from ours, along with a female ofAficer,' he added.

Imran Khan stated that so that what happened last time was not repeated, when they found weapons, damaged and stole things, then also claimed KalashAnikovs were found; hence he did not trust them at all.

'These arrests are a crackdown on the PTI based on mala fide. This is not hapApening for enforcing the law in the counAtry. All of it is happening to crush the parAty,' Imran Khan stated.

The PTI Chairman demanded evidence regarding his party's involvement in the May 9 violence, saying that if anyone from the PTI was involved 'I will help the poAlice catch them'.

'But this is not the case. All this is beAing done to crush the PTI. There are vidAeos of Shah Mahmood Qureshi and YasAmin Rashid where they are asking people to stay peaceful,' he added.

Imran Khan said that the police gave him eight names, who they said...

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